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SoulTouch™ - High Frequency Therapy Wand

There are so many benefits of the SoulTouch™ High Frequency Therapy Wand: 

✔️ Kill bacteria, stimulate circulation, eliminates acne and pimples.

✔️ Reduce wrinkle and fine lines, tighten skin, reduce skin irritation, improves skin texture.

✔️ Improve secretion and PH value. Prevent hair loss, reduce dandruff, stimulates scalp circulation for hair re-growth.

✔️ Accelerate blood circulation, strengthen lymph activity.

✔️ Come with four electrodes to treat various body part.

✔️ 100% Guarantee |We are proud to offer a risk-free 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

✔️ Your high frequency wand is covered by a full 1-year warranty: If your wand has any defects within 1 year of use, we will replace it! 

Our high frequency facial wand uses a neon gas electrode to emit a small electrical current that generates oxygen when applied to the skin. This oxygen travels into the skin to kill acne-causing bacteria and improve cell turnover.


Medical-Grade Facial Treatment - At Home